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Monthly Chapter Meetings

All of our main nwaRLUG meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month, usually at the NWACC/Shewmaker Center (directions can be found in the QuickLink Toolbar).

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Note: Above links are to agendas only. To view actual presentations, you need visit our User Group Presentations portal on Retail Link .

All Chapter & SubGroup meetings held on any NWACC campus site adhere to the NWACC Inclement Weather policy. Please be sure to check the NWACC website for closing/cancellation if we are experiencing any bad weather.

nwaRLUG SubGroups

Did you know we have 15 different SubGroups to choose from? Our SubGroups offer a more focused meeting topic and is a great place to 'learn, share, and succeed'. Be sure to check out the SubGroup Schedules found in the QuickLink Toolbar.


Mission Statement:

We are a diverse group dedicated to shared experiences that benefit the Walmart Supplier Community. As members of the Northwest Arkansas RLUG it is our goal to define, communicate, and share the constantly changing needs of the retail community with our membership, Walmart and Sam's Club. We succeed through sharing...

Online Credit Card Processing Back Up

We Our online credit card processing issues and have resolved and the ability to pay your dues online within the Pay my dues, etc. link of the QuickLink Toolbar is now available.

nwaRLUG Annual Banquet - Postponed until January Date TBD

Our nwaRLUG Annual Banquet slated to be held at Four Points by Sheraton this year (by rainbow curve in Bentonville) has been postponed until a January date TBD.
Speakers will be announced as soon as we are able to finalize plans.

Technology Resources Now Accessible

The Technology Resources section is a repository of links to information, tips & tricks, MS Office add-ins, and resources for various software product offerings we know of... all restricted, of course, to helping us in our day-to-day analysis of data. We think this will be a great jump-point for us, and are excited to get it up and running. It is still in the beginning stages, so be sure to check back regularly.

Global RLUG Chapters

Below is a map showing current RLUG chapter locations. Click on the map to go to the Walmart Retail Link RLUG portal for more information & presentations from all chapters. If you do not see a chapter close to you and are interested in starting an RLUG chapter, please contact Jeff.Morgan@walmart.com for more information.


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