Sub-Group Mission Statement

The mission of the nwaRLUG Sub-Groups is to bring detailed Retail Link/Retail Industry learning to the members at-large. This is accomplished through RLUG-member volunteers who plan, organize and execute more in-depth meetings. We strive to develop a stronger understanding of the Walmart and Sam’s club businesses; locally and world-wide.  We accomplish this with experienced Walmart and supplier presenters.

Sub-Group Best Practices


Goal / Objective

Meeting Regularity

Average Attendance

Beginner’s Retail Link




Category and Shopper Insights

Define, communicate, and share the constantly changing needs of the Retail Link user community through the lens of category management and shopper insights, allowing individuals to have actionable knowledge that transcends their day-to-day categories.



CPFR and Logistics

To create an open environment of sharing, educating and informing fellow suppliers in regard to Walmart forecasting, replenishment and logistics.



Direct Imports

To help Suppliers understand the processes and applications within Retail Link specific to direct imports. We network to share reports and applications with the group members. We also have guest speakers from Walmart that work in the Direct Import areas.



Grocery / Fresh

The Perishable Subgroups is an opportunity for Suppliers to discuss topics that are unique to perishable departments, share best practices, and grow their knowledge.  Utilizing the relationships within Walmart and our Supplier Community, we aim to provide practical solutions and useful knowledge during each of our meetings.



Intermediate/Advanced Retail Link

To provide helpful tools, tips, news, and best practices to analysts who have been working in Retail Link for more than 6 months.  The subgroup’s goal is to improve analytical skills and save time in analyzing the business thus increasing time to find opportunities and misses.

Quarterly, however this group often meets monthly to provide the RLUG community with as many quality meetings as possible.



To provide a knowledge sharing environment for suppliers involved in international sales to Walmart. Key objectives are staying informed of international initiatives and supplier requirements as well as sharing best practices.



Market Basket

Geared to the beginner and those wanting a refresher on understanding and applying market basket data insights.




To provide a knowledge sharing forum for suppliers to exchange best practices, tools and resources (ex.Agencies) and insights when partnering with Walmart. Be a platform for Walmart Marketing to communicate, educate and get feedback from the Supplier community. For example: in out on multi-supplier programs and feasibility.




To provide a resource for those vendors involved with the McLane distribution network regarding business sharing ideas, best practices and opportunities from McLane and suppliers.



MS Office

To provide an environment and context in which to share best practices, tips and tricks and overall knowledge within the MS Office suite of products in order to increase the speed, competency and reporting quality of those with access to Retail Link data.




To create awareness and better understanding of RFID technology, industry standards, and Retail Link resources.  Sharing supplier case studies and supplier practices are key to providing a network of support to the RFID subgroup.

April & October


Sam’s Club

To provide a forum for those involved in the Sam’s Club business to share ideas and gain insights from Sam’s associates into day-to-day and strategic business operations.



Small Office

Networking-Resources topics that are related to the fact that small office workers more often wear multiple "hats" than larger organizations that can spread the responsibilities around. There is a sense of isolation in small offices, whether there are 3 people or just 1. This is one of the reasons we plan to meet monthly if we can work it out to avoid other sub-groups' scheduled times. We do not want to duplicate what other sub-groups are covering as we'll encourage the group to join any other sub-groups that are a fit for them. We will focus on supporting the single/small team with their particular challenges.




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Thursday, January 12, 2012